5 month online & In Person - Ganapati sadhana immersion
May to September, 2018

Janice Craig will be leading a focused group of practitioners through the Purascharana for Ganapati.  In Sri Vidya there is a central system of worshipping five deities.  Ganapati, Shyama, Varahi, Lalita and Guru.  Ganapati is the doorway or entrance into Sri Vidya and is a pre-requsite before entering into sadhana with other deities. 

Purascharana means satisfying the deity through the five elements. These elements are offered through Japam, Tarpana, Yantra Puja, Homa and Shanti. As we bring life to the deity we are blessed to receive the darshan of that deity.  If we adore Ganapati, he not only clears obstacles but overcomes them too.  Ganapati lives in the muladhara chakra at the base of the spine where he is the guardian of Kundalini Shakti.  When dormant karma is shaken up from sadhana, it is Ganapati who supports you to cross the hurdles more gracefully.  

We will not only dive into the esoteric meaning and practices of Ganapati but you will also learn practical self care rituals that support one during sadhana.

These teachings are in accordance with the Sri Vidya lineage under Sri Amritananda Natha Saraswati in which Janice has been authorized to transmit.

Online & in person Course Includes
marin, california, usa

We will meet in person four times every six weeks on Saturday from 10am-9pm.  And every 2 weeks (Tuesdays 7-8pm PST) for online satsang and sadhana review.  Each Saturday is a full transmission giving you all the tools and inspiration needed to dive into each sadhana.

Details for each sadhana are included below
*first two modules have livestream option*
*last two modules must be in person due to complexity*

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japam - ether
May 19, 2018

Mantra manifests vak or speech, the sense of sound at visuddhi chakra  



tarpana - water
June 30
, 2018

Tarpana manifests rasa, the waters of life & the sense of taste at swadhistana chakra



yantra puja - air
August 18, 2018

Yantra puja manifests sparsa or skin, the sense of touch at anahata chakra



Homa - fire
SEPTEMBER 29, 2018

Homa manifests rupa or form, the sense of signt at manipura chakra




You will receive your very own puja set.  All of which will support you sadhana practice.  These puja sets have been individually picked by Janice and hand carried back from India. 




Janice Craig is a Yogini, Healer and Ritual Artist.  She has been initiated into the lineage of Sri Vidya under Sri Amritananda Natha Saraswati and authorized to transmit these teachings.  Janice is a Priestess of the 13 Moon Mystery School, a certified Yoga Instructor, Ayurvedic Practitioner and Licensed Massage therapist.  She began her journey with the eastern arts and sciences over 15 years ago and is committed to the embodiment of these ancient wisdoms through continuous study and practice. Janice travels annually to India and teaches internationally working with women, men and couples where she shares her open heart spirit and gracefully guides one to the inner remembrance of a deeper embodied truth. 

Janice is also the founder of Aloha Namaste; the Heart of Hawaii, the Spirit of India. Aloha Namaste produces workshops and retreats for world renowned teachers on the subjects of Yoga, Ayurveda, Tantra, Temple Dance and Esoteric Arts.

"Janice is a blessing of support wisdom and balance for the Divine Feminine in you! She is fully and completely in alignment with ultimate healing and pure love. No need to go to India. She brings it all here in perfection.”      

— Ma Ananda SriMati (Julie Piatt)


“Janice Craig offers a wealth of information and pours her heart into her devotional offerings. She walks her talk and embodies what she teaches. She allows the wisdom and beauty of the goddess to flow through her, and thus, is able to pass on the tremendous potency and luscious opulence of her lineage stream. This coursing of grace through the embodied divine is a rare find. Janice is a hidden treasure and gem. ”

— Wendy Cary Prince BSN, RN

“In a time of great change and painful letting go in my life, the mantras brought me tremendous joy, peace and support. Ganesh and the sweet circle held me softly as I surrendered to abrupt reorganization of my life to align with the new potent prayer for love. Janice holds the perfect safe strong container to go deep, to be curious and fall in love with the mystery within. I am forever grateful for this precious Sri Vidya tradition which has found me to expand my consciousness in such a delicious way. Thank you. Bless your generous heart Janice! Jai Ma!”

— Kyla Dawn - Dancer, Healer, Yogini

Payment Options:


Ganapati Sadhana Immersion

Full Payment $1500



Ganapati Sadhana immersion

Payment Plan $1750
$350 a month - 5 months 

Due the 15th of each month -
May, June, July, August, September
First Payment due upon approval of registration