Full Moon Weekend Retreat - Lalita Tripura Sundari
w/Special Guest temple dancer, Kalidasi
and devotional chantress, Elizabeth Bast

March 31st - April 1, 2018

Marin County, California, USA

*retreat is for students who are taking the online sadhana or equivalent study*
new students apply as there is flexibility on a person to person basis

7 weeks-7chakras-7deities

Details for In Person Full Moon Weekend :

Saturday, Mar 31st - 10am to 10pm –  What is Sri Vidya Shakta Tantra? Who is Lalita Tripura Sundari? What is the Sri Yantra? Experience an elaborate tantrik puja called Siri Jyoti. Special guest performance by Kalidasi on the dance of Lalita Tripura Sundari.

Sunday, April 1st - 10am to 6pmDraw a personal Sri Yantra and learn a rose petal puja to the yantra, chanting the Khadgamala Strotam
Khadgamala Strotam is the names of the yoginis/shaktis who sit in the the Sri Yantra. A very powerful yet simple practice to take home with you.

Monday, April 2nd (optional)

Individual tantra empowerment with Janice called Kalavahana. Not included in the retreat. It is recommended to receive 7 Kalavahanas for full empowerment.

  • Daily Kriya Yoga and review of the Chakra Mantras

  • Delicious Ayurvedic meals included except breakfast

  • Transportation and lodging NOT included

All levels and genders are welcomed! Space is limited to 13. 

Kalidasi performing bala tripura sundari

Kalidasi performing bala tripura sundari

Special Guest Temple Dancer, Kalidasi

Kalidasi is a dancer, a priestess, a healer and a mother who is committed to sacred dance as a Yogic Path to Self Realization. From theatre to bellydance to tribal fusion to Indian classical dance (Bharatnatyam and Odissi), Kalidasi has studied with internationally renowned teachers and master dancers such as Colleena Shakti, Zoe Jakes, Rachel Brice and many more.  She developed a dance style called "Anandamayi" bellydance that recognizes the human body as a living prayer and channel for universal energy.  After 11 years of dancing she continues to teach and perform nationally and is passionate about teaching the transformative and healing powers of sacred dance.

She joins us a Sri Vidya practitioner to give use a direct experience of how the deity awakens within and comes alive through the sacred art of dance.  A transmission you will not want to miss!

 2017 Lalita Full Moon Retreat Photos

Janice Craig is a Yogini, Healer and Ritual Artist.  She has been initiated into the lineage of Sri Vidya under Sri Amritananda Natha Saraswati and authorized to transmit these teachings.  Janice is a Priestess of the 13 Moon Mystery School, a certified Yoga Instructor, Ayurvedic Practitioner and Licensed Massage therapist.  She began her journey with the eastern arts and sciences over 15 years ago and is committed to the embodiment of these ancient wisdoms through continuous study and practice.  Janice travels annually to India and teaches internationally working with women, men and couples where she shares her open heart spirit and gracefully guides one to the inner remembrance of a deeper embodied truth. 

Janice is also the founder of Aloha Namaste; the Heart of Hawaii, the Spirit of India. Aloha Namaste produces workshops and retreats for world renowned teachers on the subjects of Yoga, Ayurveda, Tantra, Temple Dance and Esoteric Arts.

"Janice is a blessing of support wisdom and balance for the Divine Feminine in you! She is fully and completely in alignment with ultimate healing and pure love. No need to go to India. She brings it all here in perfection.”      

— Ma Ananda SriMati (Julie Piatt)


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Full Moon Weekend Retreat

Full Payment $500

Full payment due upon approval of registration

Full Moon Weekend Retreat - Payment Plan


$500 - 2 payments of  $275 each

Due the 25th of each month - February & March
First Payment due upon approval of registration


Chakra Mantra Online & Full Moon Retreat

Full Payment  $800

Full payment due upon approval of registration


Chakra Mantra Online & Full MooN Retreat

$900 - 3 payments of $300  

Due the 1st of each month - January, February, March
First Payment due upon approval of registration