This 7 week online sadhana (committed daily practice) guided by Janice Craig is an Introduction to Śrī Vidyā and Tantrik sadhana. We will journey through the elements, senses, bijas (sounds) and deities for each chakra.  Exploring the cosmology of the physical and energetic body. Including a teaching on the sanskrit alphabet and a historical overview of the chakras. The sadhana will complete in person with a Lalita weekend retreat in Berkeley, California giving you a direct experience of Mantra + Yantra = Tantra. The retreat is optional, yet highly recommended to fully integrate and embody the teachings.  At the end of the retreat you should have a good gauge as to weather or not you would like to continue down this path.

Śrī Vidyā is an ancient Shakta Tantra wisdom school that is focused on goddess worship or Shakti, the feminine principle.  It is the knowledge of the mother goddess Sri Devi or Lalita Tripura Sundari.  She is the cosmic mother who is the Queen of the three worlds (sleeping, dreaming, waking) and is worshipped in the form of a Sri Yantra. The Sri Yantra is divided into nine avaranas which correspond to the yogic energy centers in the human body, called chakras.  The beauty of Sri Devi may attract you but don't be fooled by her delightful appearance. It is the beauty of pure perception and the revelation of one's divine self that we are moving towards. One must do the transformational work. There is no escaping it.

In the tradition of Śrī Vidyā we worship the deity as self and therefore when we offer mantras or sacred sounds we are offering it to the divine within.  We are asking to heal and transform our pain and suffering into bliss and delight.  To remember that which has been forgotten or is still asleep and unite once again.  We do not deny any part of our self (light or dark).  Instead we embrace the totality of who we are in this body, in this existence and love it into wholeness.  Śrī Vidyā practitioners understand that individual life is the same as cosmic life, like a hologram; the part is the same as the whole.

I invite you to join me in exploring this supreme science and devotional art. These teachings are based in lineage.  It is important to understand that this is NOT a teacher training, a certificate program or step by step process on becoming a "goddess".  This is intended to be a pathway for one's spiritual evolution, embodying the vidyā (knowledge) through devotional study and practice.  If you are ready to awaken and empower your fullest potential, keep reading!

Janice Craig offers a wealth of information and pours her heart into her devotional offerings. She walks her talk and embodies what she teaches. She allows the wisdom and beauty of the goddess to flow through her, and thus, is able to pass on the tremendous potency and luscious opulence of her lineage stream. This coursing of grace through the embodied divine is a rare find. Janice is a hidden treasure and gem.
— Wendy Cary Prince BSN, RN

The Divine Body Online Course Includes:

"There is no one who can empower you with anything that you haven’t already recognized within yourself." - Sri Amritananda Natha Saraswati

"There is no one who can empower you with anything that you haven’t already recognized within yourself." - Sri Amritananda Natha Saraswati

You will receive a live weekly transmission, a follow up email, a variety of meditation practices and a Q&A forum.

Every week - Tuesday - Live Webinar 10:00-11:30am PST 1:00pm EST, 6:00pm London
our first call will be 2 hours*

Tuesday, Oct. 23 - Earth - Mūlādhāra Chakra - Root

Tuesday, Oct. 30 - Water - Svādhiṣṭhāna Chakra - Genitals

Tuesday, Nov. 6 - Fire - Maṇipūra Chakra - Navel

Tuesday, Nov. 13 - Air - Anāhata Chakra - Heart

Tuesday, Nov. 20 - Ether - Viśuddha Chakra - Throat

Tuesday, Nov. 27 - Ājñā Chakra - Third Eye

Tuesday, Dec. 3 - Union - Sahasrāra - Crown

December 8 - 9 - Lalita Weekend Retreat  
In Person - Berkeley, California - *see details below*

All levels and genders are welcomed. Upon registration, you will receive an introduction and preparation email.  Your commitment is to be on the live call and maintain a minimum daily 15-minute practice with the option to journal and participate in our online discussion.  

Special Bonus - In Person - Weekend retreat

December 8 & 9, 2019 – Berkeley, California

Lalita Tripura Sundari – Union

Special Guest DAncer: Kalidasi

An excellent introduction into Śrī Vidyā and the ritual aspects of this tradition.
*retreat is for students who are taking the online sadhana or equivalent study*

Details for In Person Full Moon Weekend :

Who is Lalita Tripura Sundari? What is the Sri Yantra? What is Mantra? What is Tantra? We will explore the elements of ritual through an elaborate tantric puja called Siri Jyoti. This ritual will be experienced as an external offering as well as an offering to the body.

Saturday, December 8, 10am to 10pm

Sunday, December 9, 10am to 6pm 

Monday, December 10 (optional) 
Individual empowerments withJanice called Kalavahana.
Not included in the retreat.  

Janice Craig is a Yogini, Healer and Ritual Artist.  She has been initiated into the lineage of Sri Vidya under Sri Amritananda Natha Saraswati and is authorized to transmit these teachings.  Janice is a Priestess of the 13 Moon Mystery School, a certified Yoga Instructor, Ayurvedic Practitioner and Licensed Massage therapist.  She began her journey with the eastern arts and sciences over 15 years ago and is committed to the embodiment of these ancient wisdoms through continuous study and practice.  Janice travels annually to India and teaches internationally working with women, men and couples where she shares her open heart spirit and gracefully guides one to the inner remembrance of a deeper embodied truth. 

Janice is also the founder of Aloha Namaste; the Heart of Hawaii, the Spirit of India. Aloha Namaste produces workshops and retreats for world renowned teachers on the subjects of Yoga, Ayurveda, Tantra, Temple Dance and Esoteric Arts.

"Janice is a blessing of support wisdom and balance for the Divine Feminine in you! She is fully and completely in alignment with ultimate healing and pure love. No need to go to India. She brings it all here in perfection.”

— Ma Ananda SriMati (Julie Piatt)


I was lucky to participate in “Awakening the Inner Deity” with Janice Craig in person over 4 months. Janice created a beautiful, safe, embodied, and connected container in which a group of women could come together to worship the divine feminine. This immersion in the Sri Vidya tradition was a tremendous blessing to me. The mantras, the pujas, and the energies stirred in the group worked together to bring about real personal transformation. I found myself with a more open heart, an abiding worship of Her, and lots of creative juiciness. I highly recommend Janice as an impeccable teacher and embodiment of the divine feminine.
— Megan R
In a time of great change and painful letting go in my life, the mantras brought me tremendous joy, peace and support. Ganesh and the sweet circle held me softly as I surrendered to abrupt reorganization of my life to align with the new potent prayer for love. Janice holds the perfect safe strong container to go deep, to be curious and fall in love with the mystery within. I am forever grateful for this precious Sri Vidya tradition which has found me to expand my consciousness in such a delicious way. Thank you. Bless your generous heart Janice! Jai Ma!
— Kyla Dawn - Dancer, Healer, Yogini

Payment Options:

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the divine body online sadhana
Full payment $300

Full payment due upon approval of registration
Payment is non-refundable

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the divine body online sadhana
payment plan - 2x $175 = $350

Full payment due upon approval of registration
Second payment due one month after.
Payment is non-refundable. You are responsible for full
payment regardless of attendance.

the divine body & Lalita retreat
Full Payment  $750

Full payment due upon approval of registration.
Payment is non-refundable.

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the divine body & Lalita retreat
$900 - 3 payments of $300  

Full payment due upon approval of registration.
Second & third payment due the consecutive months after.
Payment is non-refundable. You are responsible for full payment regardless of attendance.