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Shakti: Cultivating the Magnetic Body - Module I - Bay Area

Join Janice Craig and Guest Elizabeth Bast as we dive into

Shakti: Cultivating the Magnetic Body * Women Only
Module I - Exploring agni as the serpent fire or Kundalini, that which purifies.


Sunday, September 18 - Module I - 11am to 6pm

$150 - Module I or $275 for Module I & II
$50 non refundable deposit by 9/11 to reserve your space

Paypal at: * Space is limited

Through the ancient wisdoms of Yoga, Ayurveda and Tantra, we will explore the refined essence of Shakti. Experience how the act of worship in the form of self love is connected to magnestism. Shakti amplifies in stillness allowing one to be more receptive and in a state of being vs. doing. Before we get to this point we must learn how to purify, cultivate and harness Shakti.

In the tantric tradition, we view the body as a container or vessel. Our body is primarily made of water, which becomes amplified when worshiped. The word “worship” means acknowledgement of worth or worthiness and is an act of reverence and adoration. Therefore, when we afford ourselves the gift of self-love and care as a devotional ritual, we are acknowledging and cultivating our worth. This worth radiates from the inside and bestows abundant blessings for all.


JANICE CRAIG is a Priestess of the 13 Moon Mystery School and has taken Deeksha with Guruji Sri Amritananda Natha Saraswati in the lineage of Sri Vidya Tantra. She is a certified Yoga Instructor, Ayurvedic Practitioner, Licensed Massage therapist and Ritual Artist. Her teaching style is embodiment through practice, observation and integration with a holistic and devotional approach. One that is rooted in but not limited to tradition. Janice travels annually to India and teaches internationally. She shares her open heart spirit and gracefully guides one to the awakening of the deity within.

Janice is also the founder of Aloha Namaste; the Heart of Hawaii, the Spirit of India. Aloha Namaste produces workshops and retreats for world renowned teachers on the subjects of Yoga, Ayurveda, Tantra, Temple Dance and Esoteric Arts. | | 808-346-1838

ELIZABETH BAST is a yogini, musician, writer, poet, visual and performance artist, fusion temple dancer and "holistic bliss coach"

Bast began a passionate exploration of hatha yoga in 1993, studying different forms in depth including Vini, Kundalini, Iyengar, Anusara, Ashtanga, Raja, and Yin. In 2004 she completed the Interdisciplinary Hatha Yoga Teacher Training at the Nosara Yoga Institute. In 2005, Bast was named “Best Tantric Yoga Teacher” in SF Weekly’s Best of the Bay issue. In 2010 she completed the Anusara Yoga Teacher Training through Katchie Ananda. She continues to study teachings of the Sri-Vidya sakta tantra tradition through Janice Craig. Bast received teachings in other forms of tantra, conscious sensuality, and yoga with Mantek Chia, Triambika, and Shaktiva Shivakti, and she underwent apprenticeship and initiation as a Dakini, a tantric priestess, with several personal mentors.