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Ganapati Mantra Sadhana - 44 Days - Sri Vidya Tradition

  • Harmonia 2200 Marinship Way Sausalito, CA, 94965 United States (map)

Please join Janice Craig in this unique and highly transformative offering in the tradition of Sri Vidya. Mantra is one of the main tools used to awaken the deity within. Both theory and embodiment practices will be shared. This sadhana will conclude on December 31st which will freshly prepare you for the New Year as Ganapati is the "Remover of Obstacles". Your commitment to chant the Ganapati mantra is approximately 15 minutes every day for 44 days.

Dates: Saturday, November 12, 2016
Time: 11am - 4pm *see full 44 day schedule below*
Price: $150.00 via paypal to
Contact: 808-346-1838 or

*Full Schedule - Includes 3 live calls and 1 weekly email
Sadhana Starts Friday, November 18
Tuesday, November 22 - 7:30 -8:300pm PST
Tuesday, December 06 - 7:30-8:30pm PST
Tuesday, December 22 - 7:30-8:30pm PST
Sadhana Ends Saturday, December 31

* Intro to Sri Vidya Tantra
Sri Vidya is an ancient school of Goddess-centered Shakti Tantrism. It's focus is on diety, mantra and yantra. Sri Vidya is a system of esoteric discipline combining the elements of the knowledge, devotion and ritual. Practitioners of Sri Vidya see material and spiritual life as two poles of the same thing; physical is but a single continuum with spiritual, God-Goddess indivisible pair. Individual life is the same as cosmic life, like a hologram, the part is the same as the whole.

*Ganapati Mantra Sadhana
The path of Sri Vidya is entered at the root known as mooladhara chakra. Mooladhara chakra is about grounded connection to the earth. It is from the earth that fire ignites and kundalini awakens. Ganapati is the deity who guards the entrace to the cervix and is who we worship to remove obstacles and clear the pathway to awaken our higher intelligence. The mantra for Ganapati will be transmitted and various inner tantra yoga practices will be given to support your sadhana. This sadhana is a pre-requisite for further practice.

What is Sadhana?
Sadhana is a daily spiritual practice that takes us beyond duality. It is an offering to the deity and is taken for a period of time which is typically 40 days. For Ganapati we do 44 days. This commitment will require 15 minutes daily for chanting the mantra 108 times.

JANICE CRAIG has taken Deeksha with Sri Amritananda Natha and is authorized to teach in the lineage of Sri Vidya Tantra. She is also an Priestess of the 13 Moon Mystery School under Ariel Spilsbury. She is a certified Yoga Instructor, Ayurvedic Practitioner, Licensed Massage therapist and Ritualist. Her teaching style is embodiment through practice, observation and integration with a holistic and devotional approach that is rooted in but not limited to tradition. Janice travels annually to India and teaches internationally. She shares her open heart spirit and gracefully guides one to the awakening of the deity within.

Janice is also the founder of Aloha Namaste; the Heart of Hawaii, the Spirit of India. Aloha Namaste produces workshops and retreats for world renowned teachers on the subjects of Yoga, Ayurveda, Tantra, Temple Dance and Esoteric Arts. | | 808-346-1838